When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.
― Stevie Nicks (via angelingus)

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Anonymous: Hi Rosie. I met you after a performance in Brussels, where Ballet School was opening for Oh Land. You seemed so passionate on stage that I just had to come talk to you! You were really nice and gave me an autograph on the Boys Again EP that I bought there (listening to it as I type). I am dying to hear the album. I know it must be a long process, and that it's probably too early for a date (and that a lot depends on your label), but when can we expect it? Good luck to you, Michel and Louis x :)

Hi ^.^

I think the album is gonna come out in September. We are shooting all the videos and doing all the press and extra fun ideas and packaging for it at the minute. You have to do all that stuff four months in advance which is crazy. I can’t wait for you guys to finally hear it - I really hope you are gonna be into it, I’ve tried to make it nothing but good songs <3<3<3

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barmhartig: I'm curious, what sources of inspiration do you/you guys have? Also, what you did at the end of the video for Crush was amazing. Is there a chance you might go electronic in the future? (provided you actually made that piece). If you ever feel like playing in Sweden I have a friend who could hook you guys up. k bye

Yeah - thank u for the ask <3 The end of that video features Crush Alternative version. It’s gonna be on our album. there’s a live recording of it on youtube here

Ballet School is a guitar band, but we’re trying to push the boundaries of the traditional set up. This is something all my faves are doing right now I think. Like Badbadnotgood, Blood Orange, Lorde, Chairlift - it’s a new era. Live has to be live for us because we just love playing, so we had to get a drummer that could play those kind of beats as well as program them. We don’t have a bass player because we just never found the right person and tbh one less person to buy flights for is the best way to go right now. We just use an mpc and a moog minitaur for bass or we use a laptop. We started out as a typical indie set up like diiv or whoever but crucially, the songs i was writing were pop and therefore needed a very particular drum sound more rooted in dance.

Our aim is to play big stages so that usually means at some point you have to get a drummer. Some bands that start out electronic never manage to make this leap. Having a legendary live show has always been our main goal, so we wanted to get the problem out of they way by nailing a concise set up from the get-go. I am a writer and a bit of a loner so i like to present a fully formed idea to the two guys in the band because that’s the only way i feel comfortable. I hate jamming on a riff in the practice room i mean my god that is my worst nightmare. that is way to rockist for me. i’m so glad the laptop revolution happened and i really feel in my heart that girl musicians are the ones who are really able to flourish because of this. In the case of Crush, that song was originally written in 2009 on guitar. I wrote it with the guitar line you hear in the alternative version. It was jangly and melancholy. Then when I first played it to michel in 2011, he had this other riff that fit the meter so we changed the chords and it became this indie rock thing. We kicked it around in our live set like that for about a year - this was before Louis even joined the band. Our management and label both felt it was a strong ‘radio song’ so when the time came to choose a single from our EP that’s the song we went with. But I was never really feeling it. Like, we didn’t have a PR company for the video promotion so radio never really picked it up. you have to have a mafia behind you to get hits and we just cant afford that YET.

What I preferred was the original version we reworked with our drummer louis. All of us loved playing it. So when we made the video I really wanted to put a little bit of it in there in the hopes that some fabulous beautiful stan would clock it and be like ‘wait - these bitches are capable of a way broader sound.’

And you did <3

The visual is just about trying to capture in a sympathetic way that crazy girl who is so crushed out she’s actually sitting in her car outside her crush’s apartment waiting for a glimpse of him. Because she is mental she’s inexplicably wearing  a spiderman costume and of course she’s very adept at rolling spliffs. She’s just lost in her own wee world.

ps - not sure when we will be playing sweden, hopefully we can get a festival there before the end of the year.

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