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artavaflorence: We went all out at BKS festival. your performance was the greatest of the day, white angel. hopefully I'll see you soon. xoxo


t h a n k y o u x x x

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double-takee: CONGRATS!!!!!! Im soooo excited for you and im dyyyyying to hear it already!! <3

I CANNOT WAIT FOR U TO HEAR IT! i really hope u like it it’s all 4 u boo! x x x

1:25 pm  •  27 June 2014
oxygal: what's the reason (if there is one) yaoi is titled yaoi?? :-)

YES! i answered this is an epic ask a while ago <3 http://boysagain.tumblr.com/post/76456574227/hey-i-love-love-loooove-your-music-a-lot-and-i-was

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jesshillandf: new song is hot. proud of you girl (not on Facebook any longer so this is my only way of messaging, but wanted to say how happy I am to see you getting the success you deserve - is like seeing something find its correct order). Love. xx

t h a n k u j e s s <3 what is your scandal? yr tumblr is looking gorge <3 sending love from berlin x x x

1:23 pm  •  27 June 2014