Anonymous: YOU OWN E • V • E • R • Y • T • H • I • N • G ! ALL OF IT IS YOURS

u is a marvel x x x

11:21 pm  •  15 September 2014
sale-race: all i can say is :Pale Saint, Ghost, LUX and Jade (And the new mixes of All Things Return At Night, Yaoi, Crush are incredible even if i do prefer the first mix of Yaoi tbh, and the r'n'b-like mix of CRUSH IS SO SMOOOOOOOOOTH) The whole album is really cool but i have to say that i thought it would me more eclectic!

love i am just glad you listened to it! t h a n k o o ! : ) x x x

11:16 pm  •  15 September 2014  •  1 note